Costume Extravaganza

Please join us for a showing of YOUR fine Work and Creativity. This is our first foray into a Costume/Cosplay show and we hope to build on it for the future. Register at the Costume Extravaganza table.

Categories are simple:

1) Original Works – a. Must have made it and/or designed it yourself; b. Know your character and background; c. Know your title and
     materials; d. Share what inspired you
2) Variation on a Theme – a. Know your character and background; b. Know who and/or what it’s based on; c. share what inspired you
3) Character Representation – a. Know your character and orientation; b. Describe how it was made/arrived at; c. share what inspired you

Weapons – All weapons must be peace tied. If it’s integral to your character on stage, weapons can be released until you cross the stage. Once off the stage they must be re-tied.


Each Category will be judged using a point system with one winner per category. Judging will focus on Costume Appearance, Costume Knowledge, Creativity, Use of Accessories, and Overall Character.

Prizes: Each category will have a single winner. Thank you for Playing with Us and Good Luck!

Please download the application below to pre-register, fill it out & send via email to

Or you may fill out the Google Form via this link:


After August 10th, you may only register in person at the event.